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Dr. Lasse Hessel


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Meet the people behind the product

From Gimmick to Medical Device, Lasse Hessel MD


30 years ago, I invented the first Insect Poison Remover as a result of my experience in the emergence room at the hospital where I was working as a medical doctor. The reason for this was, that every summer I had to treat snake and insect bites with serious medicine such as antihistamine. It was only a symptomatic treatment with lots of side effects. It made me think that the easiest would be to remove the poision from the sting channel. I therefore reversed a syringe and it enabled me to suck out the poison.

When my medical colleagues learned about it, they asked if they could get a similar instrument, and it led me to consult a plastic factory. They produces the mold for an Insect Poison remover and it became a commercial success:
People were immediately able to understand the system and working mechanism - so far, so good!

But: Unfortunately the plastic materials used, were selected without paying attention to the fact, that sufficient suction would only occur if the O-ring was kept tight to the inner part of the cylinder. We did not carry out any functional tests, neither short term, nor long term. The result was unfortunately that most of the poison removers did not work when needed.

The reason for this disfunction or - very often - lack of function is that the O-ring was made out of hard plastic which was not air tight to the smooth cylinder. It resulted in a lack of vacuum and thereby insufficient suction. This could happen from the very beginning or after some time if for instant the material dried out.

Over the following years we experimented with solutions and many years later after numerous clinical tests as well as consumer tests and examinations, we ended up with a fully reliable product, which we 2 1/2 years ago handed over to the Danish Technological Institute. The end product became a patented system with a permanent wet inner surface of the cylinder which together with a new, soft O-ring produces a firm and steady suction.



In 2014, 31 years after the first insect poison remover, Lasse Hessel and his daughter Sanne Hessel have invented a 2nd Generation Unstinger tm, solving the problems the 1st Generation had.